Hua Hin’s Hotels and Restaurants in Thailand

The Rock Hua Hin, is a small luxury, boutique hotel, located a short distance from the center of Hua Hin. Huge, beautiful rooms, gigantic bathroom with a tub big enough for two (you wouldn’t believe how long it took to fill that tub), separate shower and private patio.

After most of the mediocre meals in Cambodia (with the exception of Siem Riep), it was a pleasure to be at The Rock. A delicious, reasonably priced dinner. We steadily snarfed our way through appetizers, chicken curry, hot enough to burn the taste buds off our tongues, several our entrees and dessert.

More happiness the next morning. The Rock had a huge breakfast buffet with, hooray, yogurt (I was very yogurt deprived in Cambodia). Out to the infinity pool for a little sun and beach exploration. The beach exploration came to a fast halt. The entire beach (by The Rock) is completely covered by the sea during the morning high tide, with an abundance of dead fish, squid and jellyfish washed up on the steps leading to the beach.

Deluxe hotels, small hotels, guesthouses and rooms available from $5 a night up to $1,000 a night. Sofitel, Hyatt, Hilton, Chiva Som and Marriott are the very big ones. We walked by one small hotel, that looked very clean with air-conditioned rooms for $40. A guesthouse would run in the 450 Baht range (a little over $10).

typical Hua Hin guesthouse, Thailand

Too many restaurants to mention along a 3-4 block strip (heading east-west and north-south) in the center of town. Burger King, Subway, McDonalds, Starbucks, Swiss, German, Irish Pubs and Thai, all extremely reasonable. Row after row of seafood restaurants on the street running parallel to the beach. (After my seafood experience in Cambodia, I was staying away from seafood.) A Thai dinner tonight ran 410 Bahts, about $12, for spring rolls (6 to an order), chicken fried rice, sweet & sour pork, two glasses of wine, tax and service. Pretty good! Both the food and the price.

Huahinold bufalo tavern.JPG.jpg
Old Buffalo Tavern, Hua Hin, Thailand

There is also Karoke. You can rent motor scooters and bicycles to tool up and down the coast or inland. And many Thai young ladies were waiting to join people looking for “companionship.” Something for everyone.


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