Hongcun is The Ultimate Movie Set for Chinese Producers

Hongcun is a made-for-movies set. Set in the mountains, lush vegetation, ponds, streams and still exisiting and ancient buildings. Ang Lee was no dummy and Hongcun is one of the locations where Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed. One of the big fight scenes was filmed at crescent-shaped Moon Pond where they appeared to fly over the water. I don’t remember much about the movie and kept calling it, “Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger” and, must admit, had trouble understanding it. Bad me…

Moon Pond is one of the ultimate viewing spots in Hongcun if one can really be singled out. Young artists sat around the entire perimeter painting and drawing in oils, pastels, pen and ink. It was beyond us how they even managed to hold a brush or pen in the windy, raw and freezing weather. Painters and photographers should plan on spending ample time in Hongcun to record your favorite images.

Day 6 hong crouching lake.jpg
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed on Moon Lake, Hongcun, China
Day 6 hong crouching lake 3.jpg
Moon Lake, Hongcun is also used for irrigation and washing


Day 6 hong crouching doors.jpg
another view of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon filming area, Hongcun, China


Hongcun is only 18 kms/11 miles away from Xidi, dating back to 1047. Xidi is the other big village sight in Huizhou and was a stronghold of the Hu clan. It too is an UNESCO World Heritage Sight. I’d suggest picking either Hongcun or Xidi otherwise it is overkill.


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