Hiking In The Polish Tatras From Kuznice to Murowanisc Hut

Zakopane didn’t become popular until 1873 when the Tatra Mountain Society was founded. This turned Zakopane into the center of mountain tourism. The oldest part of Zakopane stretches along Koscieliska Street with its old mountaineers cottages. Oblivious me, never gave any thought to what a mecca for hikers and climbers this town really was.

Packed just what was needed in our backpacks for today’s hike up to Murowaniec Chalet/Hut where we’d overnight. Again, the mini-bus dropped us off at Kuznice, the stopping point yesterday and off we started on the trail through the woods.

Day 3 Zakopane 5.jpg
a little shade to begin with on the Tatra hike, Poland

hiking map 1.jpg
portion of hiking map – Poland and Slovakia

As the trail ascended it became clear to Peter that our Detroit firewoman wasn’t going to make it. Peter didn’t pull any punches and out-and-out said…”you…go down and we will meet you tomorrow night back in Zakopane…” No arguing, no debating the situation, just…”you…go down.”

We’ve been on difficult treks/hikes before but hiking at altitude with no shade changes the entire picture. In open terrain, past a small lake…

Day 2 Zakopane 3-2.jpg
Tatra mountain tarn in Poland

…until six hours later, we staggered in and I threw my pack on the floor and collapsed, muttering that I was completely dead. Superfit Aussie snapped back, “Oh for goodness sakes, that was easy. You could have gone further.” And with that, she took the option to continue up to Koscielec summit, another few hours round-trip. Uh-uh…not doing it. She was strong. Nasty, but strong.

Day 5 hiking signs.jpg
hours more to go anywhere on the trails of Poland

The chalets/huts in the Tatras are all dormitory style with toilets located either outside or down the hall. This chalet was so crowded that people slept on the floor outside the rooms and you had to be very careful making your way to the inside bathroom during the night otherwise you’d step on someone’s head. Grateful that we had bunks at least…

Day 5 hut.jpg
ex-Marine cozy in his bunk, Poland
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