Harrah’s Buffet and Marriott Time-share in Las Vegas

It was back to Harrah’s for their buffet to use our 2-for-1 coupon. Since Las Vegas is two hours behind Chicago time-wise, a 3:30pm buffet was equivalent to our semi-normal 5:30pm dinner time. This is definitely the best deal, going late in the afternoon and eating for a few hours. Again, there is so much to choose from andshort lines at that time. I can guarantee that you’ll find on the buffet that you like.

Every buffet we looked at had: Sushi stations; carving stations; Italian; Mexican; Chinese; Japanese; Fruit; Seafood; different salads and huge selections of desserts. I pigged out…again…a little more choosy this time…on my favorite Sushi, Mexican, Beef, Chinese and Seafood. At 4:00pm, most Hotel buffets add crab legs and steak to the line-up. The crab legs aren’t Alaskan King Crab Legs by any stretch of the imagination but it you like Crab Legs…go for it.

Harrah’s chocolate fountain with strawberries for dipping, Las Vegas

I personally thought the Rio’s buffet was the best out of the three we tried, but they were all tasty and well-worth the price. Dessert today (for me) was a delicious Pecan brownie with some Mango Gelato on top. Even with all the walking, it was going to be very scary getting on the scale at home!
One last buffeted-out and pounds heavier walk back to the Monte Carlo Hotel, enjoying the Strip…

Monte Carlo at night, Las Vegas

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

A fast 1-1/2 hours at the Marriott time-share with no pressure from the salesman. Got our $75 VISA debit card, $50 certificate for use at any Marriott and the $20 deposit we gave. Every time-share operation asks for a $20 non-refundable deposit in case you don’t show. Time-share is not for us…both age-wise and the kind of vacations we enjoy. The salesman asked me…”What is your ultimate dream vacation?” Never expecting to hear…”Antarctica, the circumnavigation from New Zealand and scientific research stations like McMurdo”…. After John picked his jaw up from off the floor, it was downhill from there. The time-shares in Las Vegas are sold out and going up like crazy. Evidently others are buying them. With over 130,000 rooms and who knows how many condos and homes in Las Vegas, I can understand it.

This is what I liked most in Las Vegas:

– There is music playing throughout the Casinos, Hotels and on the street.

– The different architecture (Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Bellagio’s St. Mark’s Square) and outright gaudiness. It makes Las Vegas unlike any other place on earth especially at night….View image

– The food and entire experience.

We both enjoyed it more than anticipated and our final tally for the two nights/three days? Under $500 packed with our kind of fun…visit and tailor-make the trip to your kind of fun…and if you do gamble, have a lucky day!

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