From Mburo National Park to Kampala, Uganda

We started out of Mburo National Park, driving slowly on the last game drive of this trip. Our “seen animals and birds” list was quite long by now but still no Zebras or Impalas. It was going to be a long driving day back to Kampala (hoping to find an ATM there) and on to Entebbe, staying at The Boma for two last nights.
Joseph calculated that we drove around 650 miles throughout the entire trip, and even though that included some tough, long, driving days, there is no other way to really see a country. There was constantly something to engross us on the road whether it was the colorful people carrying loads on their heads…View image, amazing produce stands, the “Great Mother of all Mud-Holes” or beautiful terrain.
A few minutes away from Mburo Tented Camp, we spotted our first solitary, ordinary Zebra (its name).


ordinary Zebra

And then, herds of them, some with babies…soon the group was saying…”oh no, enough Zebras already” …View image


Zebra family



group of Impalas

Out of the Park gates and on a good highway to Kampala…. through small towns…View image

…many tomato and avocado stands…the avocados were so delicious and inexpensive that we’d stop to buy and gorge ourselves..

Tomatoes and Avocados

Crossing back over the equator, Pat let us loose in a beautiful Arts and Crafts shop run by AIDS charities that actually accepted credit cards! They charged a small surcharge for credit card purchases but we were desperate by now. …View image… There were a whole series of little shops lined up on both sides of the street and the entire group went on a shopping spree.

other shops by the equator

About every 10 miles, the road scenery would change. First were all the banana markets, then fruit, followed by potatoes…View image…all artistically arranged…

Potatoes for sale


Kampala in the distance…and ATM dispensers at the Standard Charter Bank (the only ones in Uganda other than one at the airport)…


With the exception of a daytrip to Jinja tomorrow, the trip was over…

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