Farewell, Caucasus

There were so many other places we visited in Armenia but before that, one last surprise from MIR, cocktails in the first floor Art Gallery of the Parajanov Museum.

Sergei Parajanov Museum was founded by the Government of Armenia in 1988. The collection consists of more than 600 of his art works, childhood home furnishings and personal belongings. He was a noted director and artist and had a very “strange” career. Go to the website on his life for more in-depth details and a look at some of his work. Parajanov’s art was definitely eye-catching, and weird with sculptures, collages – created primarily during his five years in prison and 15 years of unemployement! (That would give anyone plenty of time to create!)

“The Last Supper”

Now it was time for the gala Farewell Dinner….


a racuous farewell party in Yerevan, Armania

…the usual enormous amounts of food and wine, singers….


farewell party singers, Armenia

a fond farewell, to our excellent MIR guide (Michel) … View image… and Armenian guide….
Armenian guide

…with hugs and kisses for our friends….View image.
An extremely interesting trip, with a dynamic group of fellow travelers, filled with opportunities to meet the different peoples of the Caucasus. MIR scheduled amazing concerts and exhibitions, Michel (our guide) was very knowledgeable, the hotels and food were wonderful. This unheralded destination may interest you. Put it on your “to-visit” list and I hope you have as much fun as we did.

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