Exploring Eastern Turkey With Explore U.K.

Eastern Turkey has been on my “to visit” list for eons ever since Travels With Sheila first saw photographs of the giant heads known as Nemrut Dagi. Nemrut Dagi is an archaeological site that is thought to be the burial mound and Holy Seat of Antiochus I Theos of Commagene dating from the 1st Century BC. This place is primarily known for the heads of the statues that have been removed from their bodies, and scattered throughout the site. Especially at sunrise or sunset when the giant heads glow golden in the sun. You’ve probably seen photographs without knowing where they were taken but now you know. Eastern Turkey.

I looked into tours offered by several organizers before, once again, selecting Explore U.K. booked through Adventure Center. Visit the “Adventure Center” to the left as you read on Travels With Sheila and find your adventure. FYI: Travels With Sheila does not get freebies for recommending them or any discount other than the one offered all travelers after so many trips. I book through them because their hundreds and hundreds of tours go anywhere a traveler can go in the world. Look at their offerings and see for yourself. This will be our 21th trip booked on Adventure Center. Seventeen using Explore U.K., two trips with Peregrine and two with Imaginative Traveller. Adventure Center and their operators must be doing something right!

eastern turkey map.jpg
Explore U.K. Eastern Turkey Map


This great adventure will reach into the mountainous interior of Eastern Turkey, visit historic sites and out-of-the-way places and come very close to the borders of Syria, Iraq and Iran. There is a serious legacy of ancient travelers and civilizations who have passed through this area. Georgians, Armenians, Persians, Syrians, Seljuk and Turks.

Traveling in this region is not for the faint-hearted with long, hard journeys, unpredictable travel, and basic tourist infrastructures at times. In other words, be a good traveler. If you are, there are incredible highlights to look forward to in Eastern Turkey.

– Armenian ruins and painted churches;

– A fortress called Isak Pasha Palace;

– Lake Van – Turkey’s largest lake surrounded by mountains;

– Urfa – the birthplace of Abraham; and

– Nemrut Dagi mentioned above.

The tour would begin and end in Istanbul, one of my favorite cities. And…as long as we’re going so far, why not hop down to Antalya for a few days? Couldn’t find any reason not to so let’s plan a great trip…


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