In Desolation Canyon, Utah on The Second Day – Will Grandma Sheila Survive the Trip?

Our guides were always coming up with a game to amuse the kids on long stretches of flat water…Malarkey, Tri-Bond (three words that had something in common), Octopus 8, 2 Truths and a Lie (another verbal game), plus Josh brought cards. …View image… And there was lots of time to soak in the stark but beautiful scenery. …View image

There was a bug that Sarah called “jumping spiders” (she hates bugs) that were constantly jumping around in the bottom of our raft. The correct name is a “water skipper”, a bug that can walk on water. This river journey is loaded with gnats, deer flies (horse flies/sand flies), and mosquitoes. “ex-Marine” has won our family award for the most bites all over his body. Again, I think the spraying just encourages them!

rafts and kayaks lined up on the beach, Green River, Utah

There were a lot more rapids today and the two kayaks were inflated. Mike spent most of the day in the kayak taking turns with Lexi, Nicky and Zach. Kayaking is a major hit with them all. …View image… It’s fun getting wet in the kayaks, from the rapids, having water fights and swimming.

Lexi kayaking with Nancy (Amber’s sister) on the Green River, Utah

a “smile” break (euphemism for peeing) in the Green River, Utah

Lunch on a beach today: make your own deli sandwiches, chips and fruit. Excitement — a water snake that Matt (guide) picked up to show everyone.

A second short hike was to Rock Creek Ranch. It is only worked a small part of the year because of the Homestead Act, and was the last homestead in America. After that, our afternoon rain. Despite having some warmer clothes to put on under raingear, you’d be surprised how darn cold you get. The guides took a vote and we decided to lash all the rafts together and motor to a campsite instead of floating for 2-1/2 more hours in the rain.

A sandy beach, rain stopped (again), fire line to unload …View image…and everyone put up their own tents! …View imageView image

A delicious taco dip as an appetizer, followed by Teriyaki chicken breasts, fruit salad, rice, broccoli and some sort of cobbler.


starving grandchildren couldn’t wait the all-important “chow line” on the Green River, Utah

Tonight was our Medical emergency night. #1, Josh falls into some cactus while playing Frisbee with Nicky. Pick needles out of his arm and shoulder through t-shirt – get t-shirt off and pick out more fine needles – get tweezers and continue removing – then, on guide’s advise, take credit card and scrape across arm. He was very brave through it all and even allowed me a fast second to take a photo!


poor Josh fell into a cactus on the beach along the Green River, Utah

Between emergencies #1 and #2, Zach actually catches a small catfish using Mike’s fishing equipment! Big excitement and after photos, we released the fish back into the river.


Zach caught a catfish along the Green River, Utah

#2, Zach left his flashlight on in his tent and, when he reached for it, a wasp stung him twice – on the arm and back. We all heard this piercing scream but didn’t associate it with Zach’s wasp stings. Mike and I trapped the wasp between two flashlights and pulverized it. Some Benadryl, no allergic reaction, and he was fine.

Now, I hear stereophonic Grandma’s…”Grandma, I can’t find my toothpaste”…”Grandma, I’m hot”…”Grandma, my clothes are wet”…plus the evening organization…what are they going to wear tomorrow…zipping up extremely stinky bags…trying to dry out sopping, sandy shoes (never any luck with that)…and finally falling on my cot for a few hours sleep….

Two more days! They will survive…will I?

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