Dengfeng Food and Zhengzhou in Yellow River Area, China

Dengfeng is a quiet town at the foot of Taishi Shan. Only night here at the Shaolin International Hotel before driving to Zhengzhou for the last trip in Henan Province. Chao, Andy, ex-Marine and I walked a few blocks away (passing another restaurant with a strange sign…View image) from the Shaolin International for dinner in another local restaurant. If you’ve never eaten in a “local” Chinese restaurant, prepare for an unbelievable level of noise. The owner screaming out orders to his wife, waitresses…diners shouting to be heard over that…but the best food ever. Many readers and friends haven’t been enthralled with Chinese Food in China but that’s because they may never have had a chance to experience a local restaurant with someone who knows how to order.

And the costs for four people! Chao ordered (2) leafy vegetable something or another (one tasted very cheesy); (1) leafy cold salad that tasted similar to radishes in a vinaigrette; another cold dish that resembled peanuts or lima beans with peppers; huge platter of sweet and sour pork; cold beer, water, soft drinks; and Lo Mah (Watch video below). The grand total was 115 yuan or less than $17 U.S. Unbelievably delicious.

Day 13 denfeng 3.jpg
part of the huge dinner in Dengfeng, China


Day 13 denfeng 2.jpg
our very adorable waitress in Dengfeng, China

Zhengzhou (pronounced “Jung-Joe”), our last stop in Henan Province, is in the Yellow River Scenic Area. The Yellow River is the second longest in China and gets it’s name from sand that turns the river yellow. Today was May 1, not only part of a 3-day weekend, but a lucky day for weddings. A visit to the the Yellow River Scenic Area with five scenic spots. The Five Dragons Peak, the Camel Mountain Range, The Yueshan Temple, the Stone Figures of Yandi and Huangdi (former emperors), and the Ancient City of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu.

Traffic was bumper-to-bumper and frightening at times when vehicles crossed over to the other side of the highway and went directly into opposing traffic. Even with the street cleaners and bicycle riders, we only saw one fender-bender during the 17 days. However, we did see the “boot” being applied to illegally parked cars down at the Yellow River…

Day 15 traffic 3.jpg
just pass another car into oncoming traffic in China

Day 15 traffic 2.jpg
a bicycle for two on a highway in China

I questioned what happens if you don’t pay the fine and do the U.S. version of ripping up the ticket. China doesn’t mess around…you lose your driver’s license…

Day 15 yellow river applying boot.jpg
it’s the “boot” for this vehicle in China

…and a small wedding procession. Instead of a car…View image…, the groom was carried the traditional way, in a litter…

Day 16 hang carrying groom.jpg
groom in his wedding litter, China

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