Damascus, Syria Update

Damascus was a pretty happening place when we were there years ago even though you wouldn’t have thunk it but a recent article by Andrew Lee Butters in Time Magazine really surprises. According to Andrew, the Damascus Gate Restaurant calls itself the world’s largest, there is a rooftop nightclub at the Omayad Hotel called the Z Bar that provides a place to literally dance on the tables and contemporary art galleries. This certainly isn’t Kansas anymore!

Now there are new reasons to visit Syria beside the ones given you in my series about Syria.

– Syria brings biblical history alive. Paul on the road to Damascus is one example and there are places in Syria where Aramaic, the language of the Bible, is still spoken;

– See massive Crusader castle ruins and fortresses;

– There is fabulous Palmyra, a link in the old Silk Route and led by Queen Zenobia; and

– Add some gaiety to your Syrian Sojourn by dancing on the tables!

If that isn’t enough, trust me, the Syrians are warm and welcoming. Take a chance and visit while costs are still cheap!

Damascus Omayyd Mosque 4.jpg
Sheila dressed for a Damascus Mosque visit
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