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Hobart, Tasmania And The Overland Track Was Over

We were now officially “Tassie bushwalkers.” If you are an outdoors person (and even if you aren’t), I can’t encourage you enough to visit Tasmania with its national parks and beautiful Tasman Peninsula. It is a laid-back island with friendly

Windy Ridge and Lake St. Clair on The Overland Track in Tasmania

Two very long days…first the way to Windy Ridge Hut, past Cathedral Mountain with beautiful views everywhere. Today, we actually ran into a few Freedom Walkers who were very impressed that we were staying in the lap of luxury (a

Pelion Hut and Windy Ridge on The Overland Track, Tasmania

The weather held clear! Today’s walk was primarily through rainforest with a stop at Frog Flats, the headwaters to the Forth River. It seemed like such a short distance when we looked at the track map – only about 10km’s,

Barn Bluff Hut to Pine Forest Moor Hut on The Overland Track, Tasmania

It was a beautiful day heading out across Sedgeland Moors with its glacial lakes. I had read about moors for years but never really realized exactly what a moor is. (Healthcliff, where are you…) A moor is an area of

Beginning The Overland Track in Tasmania

Cradle Mountain didn’t look too bad from where we were standing. It was sunny…the mountain was off in the distance, and the terrain looked flat in front of it. There was a beautiful lodge by the parking lot, and lots

Arriving in Launceston, Tasmania

Cradle Huts sent detailed information, a gear check list and Launceston was the meeting place. Launceston is a small city (approximately 103,000) in the North of Tasmania. It is the second largest city in Tasmania after Hobart (the State capital).