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Icelandair Boeing 757-200 Economy from Iceland to Munich

Icelandair’s user friendly website allows you to purchase and book seats with a minimum of aggravation. They fly only one nonstop each day from Reykjavik to Munich, departing at 7:20a, arriving at 1:05p. All other flights make a stop. Grudgingly

Bright and Modern Keflavik International Airport

Marine Steve and I finished off a 7-day cruise around Iceland by flying to Munich for 10 days of hiking in Austria. Icelandair had the only direct flight to Munich from Reykjavik so kicking and screaming because Icelandair is not

Review of Bed and Breakfast Keflavik Airport Hotel – Iceland

The Tauck Tours and Iceland cruise finished around 2:00p at Keflavik Airport, too late for Marine Steve and I to connect onwards to Munich on the same day and we had two choices: Stay at a hotel in Reykjavik overnight,

A Cruise on L’Austral is All About the Food!

I travel for new experiences, destinations and as travelers often comment, a cruise is the easiest way to accomplish all this. Unpack once and enjoy. But…more than 50% of my “enjoyment” …okay, 90%…depends on the food quality. Marine Steve and

Vikinggaheimer (Viking World) Museum Information – Iceland

Our very last tour in Iceland was to Viking World Museum located five minutes from Keflavik International Airport. Its highlight is an exact replica of an old Viking ship called the Gokstad excavated from an ancient burial mound in Norway

The Very Popular and Astonishing Blue Lagoon, Iceland

All visitors to Iceland either have heard in advance about the extremely popular Blue Lagoon or find out while there. The world famous Blue Lagoon is an aqua colored pool of mineral-rich geothermal seawater with a temperature between 98-102℉. Accidentally