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Learn Why You Should Visit Incredible India

India is one of the most feared destinations to visit so thinks the occasional traveler. I began in 2007 with one goal in mind. To encourage travelers to step out of their comfort zone and visit unfamiliar destinations.  Just

Is there a difference between Hotels and Hostels?

Travelers don’t need an explanation of what a “hotel” is (or isn’t, depending on the hotel) but most of us tend to think of a hostel as a cheap, grungy, dormitory place to lay one’s head, usually found in bad

Coming up: A Unique and Interesting Festival in Pennsylvania – June 29, 2013

Daily Press Releases clutter my in-box but I thought the Kutztown Folk Festival sounded so interesting and unique that you would be interested. After all, how can anyone keep up with the plethora of festivals, places to go and different

Stupidity is not covered by Travel Insurance – Part 2

Stupidity is not covered by Travel Insurance, continued… Tuesday, February 5 – 5:30a Delhi. New discussion. Air China official says, “You will have to pay for this flight in Beijing.” Huh? We show copies of free tickets obtained with United

Stupidity is not covered by Travel Insurance – Part 1

Wouldn’t you think that a person who writes about travel, arranges travel, films and edits videos about travel, lives, breathes travel for upwards of 40 hours a week knows enough to avoid catastrophic travel mistakes? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong… ex-Marine

9 Places to Visit On Your World Golf Tour

I do not play golf since my hyper personality goes crazy when attempting any sport that has someone in front of me moving slowly, and/or someone in back of me, waiting impatiently for me to move along. It wasn’t for lack