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The Western Balkans: Hindsight is 20/20

It was time to head back to Chicago from Split, Croatia via Frankfurt, with one night at the Holiday Inn Express before connecting on. Thoughts of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzogovina and Montenegro, along with all we had seen, flashed through my

Gorgeous Four Star Hotel Mecavnik in Mokra Gora, Serbia

The Hotel Mecavnik was the only place to stay within the Kustendorf/Mecavnik/Dvornek/Mokra Gora complex.  Spread out along the main street, room were built on downhill levels so as not to detract from the village itself. No two rooms was the same; each uniquely

The Bizarre Village of Mokra Gora/Drvengrad in Serbia

It was only a 1-1/2 hour drive from Sirogojna to a small village referred to as “Mokra Gora,” one of the most unusual, built-for-tourism towns I’ve ever seen. Mokra Gora means “Wet Mountain” in English and is located on the

A Local Serbian Wedding in Sirogojno

Done with touring the Sirogojno Living Museum, we stood around admiring woolen goods made and sold by locals, sat in the sun, and waited to leave. I heard cars in the distance horns blaring, loud music and Serbian flags waving

The “Old Village” in Sirogojno’s Open Air Museum, Serbia

Up early (ant-free), packed and outside to the Sirogojno complex restaurant for an unusual breakfast. Pots of sour cream referred to as “sour milk.” Fried fritters something or another that resembled a doughnut (pretty tasty if you split and slathered

Medieval Mileseva Monastery and Sirogojno, Serbia

The Mileseva Monastery, located 6 kilometers/3 miles east of Prijepolje, didn’t want to let us in because the Serbian minister was going to visit tomorrow. Police stood in front while men washed sidewalks, putting everything in spick and span order