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Miscellanous Information for Travelers

I occasionally receive travel e-mails that interest me and may be of interest to Travels With Sheila readers. Below are just a few offerings, in their own words. None are paid solicitations.  It won’t hurt to check them out: Albania

Adventuring – Crossing Mountains From Albania to Montenegro

Albert is one of the most adventurous travelers Travels With Sheila has ever met and I have to tell you about his exploits in North Albania. From the moment Florian pointed out the high mountain pass from Dunishe over to

Hindsight is 20/20 in North Albania and Suggestions for Touring

When a person signs up for a group tour, any tour, prepare yourself for highs and lows. It’s rare to find one that succeeds in meeting your expectations 100%. Travels With Sheila always prefers to travel with just the ex-Marine

Using Up The Leks in Tirana, Albania Before Flying to Munich

With 1,200 LEKS (a whopping $12 U.S.) left to spend, Steve and I walked the half-block over to Tirana’s small flea market from Hotel Seven. I couldn’t find anything for under $12 other than undies, an Albanian t-shirt, or household

A Week in North Albania Ended Back in Tirana

The ride to Tirana took another two hours from Shkodra again passing Rosafa Castle up on the hill…View image, wagons loaded with cornstalks on the road…View image, and people selling heaps of Watermelons. I could never understand why we didn’t

The Walk and Ride Down To Boga, Albania

The Outdoor Albania group shoehorned into Pashka’s mini-van and began the jolting ride up to the pass on what passes for a road…View image for around 50 minutes. The van halted a little before the top and the hikers got