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The Baltic Republics: Hindsight is 20/20

Today was the last day of the Explore Baltic Republics journey. Packed up and back on the bus for the ride across the causeway through Muhu Island. We made only one stop before the ferry port, at St. Catherine’s Church.

Facts and Trivia About Saaremaa Island, Estonia

– There are 35,000 people on Saaremaa Island and 15,000 in Kuressaare, the capital. – There is only one new golf course used primarily by the Finns and Swedes who come here to play golf. Snow usually falls in their

Kuressaare Museums, City and Dinner in A Windmill, Saaremaa, Estonia

Beside the multitude of medieval sights like Tall Hermann Tower, Kuressaare Castle had a series of museums with wonderful exhibits…View image…View image… that began in pre-historic times and continued through into modern day history. One area was completely devoted to

Kuressaare Teutonic Castle on Saaremaa Island, Estonia

The Explore group spent one full day in Saaremaa Island beginning with a morning tour led by the owner of our Staadioni Hotell a 12-minute walk from the center of Kuressaare. A short bus ride around Kuressaare with view of

Angla Windmills and Kaali Crater on Muhu and Saaremma Islands, Estonia

Saaremaa is Estonia’s largest island and covered in thick pine and spruce forests. It remained isolated and off limits during the Soviet era because it was both a strategic military outpost with an early-radar system and rocket base and also

A Ferry Over to Muhu and Koguva Ethnographical Museum, Estonia

Today we drove towards the Gulf of Riga heading for Muhu and Saaremaa islands reached by a short ferry ride (video) from Virtsu on the mainland, but first a few stops. Number One at a Latvian petrol station with convenience