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Ostuni Restaurant Review: Ristorante Le Monacelle

Dinner at Ristorante Le Monacelle on Via Vincenti, 4 was included in our U Track itinerary. If you turn  left onto Via Vincenti off the main street leading up to Ostuni Cathedral, just past the Museum, La Monacelle will be

Charming Hotel La Terra**** in Ostuni, Italy

The four-star Hotel La Terra (Albergo) is a historic building in Ostuni dating back to the Thirteenth Century. Completely renovated with 17 rooms, it is in the historical center of Ostuni. Each room is spacious, decorated in Italian style of the ‘90s

Learn About and Tour The White City of Ostuni

Ostuni is a hilltop village known as the “white city” due to its whitewashed buildings clustered together. Located inside the Itria Valley and perched on three hills, Ostuni is 42 kilometers/24 miles from Brindisi and 8 kilometers/4 miles away from

Using Trains in the Puglia Area of Italy

Marine Steve and I used trains twice in the Puglia area. Once from Lecce to Ostuni and once from Trani to Bari.  Italian rails have become a fast, comfortable and reliable way to get around. Tickets are inexpensive and easy

Visit and Tour Little Otranto, Italy on a Day Trip

Once I read that it takes a 1-1/2 hour train ride to Otranto in each direction with two or three train changes along the way, we eliminated Otranto from the itinerary and spent the day in Lecce. Otranto is about

Delicious Dinner at La Magiada Locanda in Lecce, Italy

La Magiada Locanda is a typical Lecce restaurant. Several dinners and two tastings were included in our one-week Puglia tour one of which is La Magiada. La Magiada Locanda is located down the street from Palazzo Rollo on Viale Vittorio