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Random Yunnan, China Thoughts – What to See…What do Do…

As previously stated, Lijiang was our big favorite. Laid back, not too many must sees, nice hotels and restaurants, the Naxi Orchestra with its very old members and little streets. From Lijiang, we flew back to Kunming and home. Since

Wonderful Days Discovering Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

Lijiang is separated into old and new towns. The old town is where you want to spend your time. We would walk out of the Grand Lijiang Hotel (very comfortable with wonderful American breakfasts), continue straight ahead across the busy

Tiger Leaping Gorge On The Yangtze and Lijiang in Yunnan Province, China

After breakfast, a drive from Zhongdian to Lijiang via Tiger Leaping Gorge and the First Bend of the Yangtze River. The Yangze runs…no surges…between the Haba Mountains and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain through one of the deepest gorges in the

Napa Lake/Napahai, Shuduhu Lake and Songzanlin Temple in Yunnan Province, China

The entire region of northwest Yunnan has beautiful mountains, alpine lakes and grass meadows. In order to protect the local natural resources, several nature reserves have been designated in the region including Napa Lake (Napahai), northwest of Zhongdian. There are

Touring High Altitude Zhongdian/Gyalthang/”Shangri-La” in Yunnan Province, China

Zhongdian, known as Gyalthang in Tibetan, recently changed its name to Shangri-La. Our new guide was an English teacher who had the worst English of all the guides. Very nice but his poor speaking ability made it difficult to communicate

Stop At The Great Shaping/Shapin Market, Yunnan Province, China

Our Dali guide would ride with us to Shaping/Shapin Market and then as far as Zhongdian where we’d meet our new guide and spend three nights. Shaping Market is only held on Mondays…today… The Bai people from the surrounding villages