“Travel Tips & Advice on Tibet”

The “China Narratives Art Exhibition in Chengdu, China

By coincidence, all guests of the Holiday Inn East Century City were invited to visit the 4th annual Chengdu Biennale “China Narratives”…View image… being held in the International Exhibition Center…View image, and arranged by Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum at no charge. Well, we had nothing to do today and walked over after breakfast to see […]

What To See in Hailuogou National Glacier Park (Conch Valley), Sichuan, China

The four of us walked from the Ice Mountain Hotel three short blocks to the gates of Hailuogou National Glacier Park and bought tickets. It costs almost 400 Yuan ($50+ U.S.) for entrance fee, bus and cable car. Hailuogou is the biggest glacier park in China with the lowest glacier in Asia. A fleet of […]

Mao’s Historic Long March Bridge in Luding, China

Mr. Wang continued driving along the Dadu River towards Luding on this not-so-good road…View image. The Chinese Government is amping up construction on a fantastic new highway that will take three more years to complete. They are tunneling through mountains…View image… (we drove through one that was 7km/4+mi long but in the meantime, drivers have […]

Jiaju (Gyarong) Typical Tibetan Village Outside of Danba, China

Heavy rains last night caused landslides and kept us from visiting the Gyarong village, Chongio and Suopo…View image, originally scheduled on the itinerary and too dangerous to attempt. The only option would have been a very muddy two-hour walk in each direction up the mountain something that none of us relished. Instead, Mr. Wang drove […]

Ganze/Ganzi/Kandze to Danba in the Kham Region of China

The different Chinese names for each town drove me crazy. I began to keep the itinerary with me at all times in the Land Cruiser. Today’s destination was Danba, also spelled “Temba” and then Dondup would pronounce the name of a town in Tibetan. Whatever it was called, Danba or Temba, we were staying for […]

From Derge (Dege) to The Important Monastery City of Ganzi, China

Lunch today was interesting. There was a spicy beef with hot stones (be aware and don’t bite into the stones…you’ll break a tooth) in it to keep it hot and a vegetable dish with what appeared to be “Rice Krispie bars” floating in it. There’s a story about the Chinese version of Rice Krispie pieces. […]

A Prostrating Buddhist Monk and Other Road Sights on The Way to Ganzi, China

Dumplings…View image… for breakfast, packed up. Before leaving the brand-new White Pagoda Hotel, the four of us stood while the hotel manager carefully checked that nothing had been damaged or stolen! Now in the Land cruiser and out through Dege/Derge on the same road we had entered. Back through the forests, canyons and valley for […]

Xinlu/Xinluhai Lake and Over The Highest Pass to Dege/Derge, Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Early morning brought a visit to Xinlu/Xinluhai Holy Lake at the foot of Que’er (“Sheer”) Mountain before driving to Derge/Dege. Imodium and Cipro not only did the trick but managed to jam up the works for the next five days until I had to resort to the opposite “end” (forgive the pun) of the spectrum […]

From Yushu, Qinghai Province to Mani Gonge, Sichuan Province

Leaving the very enjoyable Yushu behind, we set off on a long day’s drive across the border of Qinghai Province into Sichuan Province. Mani Gonge was the ultimate destination instead of the original itinerary that called for an overnight in Shiqu. If we had stuck to the original itinerary, there would have been time to […]

Yushu’s Lively Downtown Market, Eastern Tibetan Plateau, China

The entire Kham region inside the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) is usually closed to individual travel, one of the reasons we used Shanhai Far East Expeditions to arrange. It is located southwest of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an average elevation of more than 4,200m13,799′ and a land area of 2667,000 square km. The total population […]