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If You Want To Trek… Nepal or Anywhere

I’ve gone into a lot of detail about the Annapurna Sanctuary trek because it’s important to know all this information if you’ve never trekked before or want to trek in this area. There are almost too many tour operators to

Time to Reflect on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek In Pokhara, Nepal

Handshakes, hugs and goodbyes to the staff en route to Pokhara while we drove on to the Moonlight Resort, staying for one night only. The Moonlight Resort was luxurious after spending two weeks in teahouses. A Western toilet, bathtub BUT…the

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Day 12: Dhampus to Phedi to Pokhara, Nepal

Last night, the group ate dinner with the staff and distributed tips to them. Sherpas get 4,500 Rupees and Porters, 3,250 Rupees each. This would be our last night with the staff since they would catch a public bus from

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Day 11: Jhinu to Dhampus, Nepal

A statistic – The average age of a Nepali women is 56…a man, 57. Nepal is one of the few countries in the world where women die before men. Probably because they do all the hard work. Today will be

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Day 10: Bamboo to Jhinu, Nepal

Absolutely nothing dried last night and we dug dirty but dry socks out of the duffels to wear. The socks from yesterday were still dripping. If we survive this trip, we’ll be in fantastic shape. Bamboo, at 2,500m/8,200′ altitude, was

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Day 9: Annapurna Base Camp to Bamboo, Nepal

Not only did it thunder, rain and lightening most of the night but also snowed up a major storm. Wake-up knocks on the door at 5:30 am. Not that anyone was asleep. Between the thin walls (you could hear every