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Travel Updates from Southeast Asia

The ex-Marine (otherwise known as husband, Steve) and I are in the process of roasting bodies in sunny Koh Chang, Thailand and thought you may be interested in a few Southeast Asian updates, courtesy of local newspapers. Myanmar (Burma): –

Sectarian Clashes in Sittwe, Myanmar

Reading about people in need from starvation, ethnic clashes, riots, or war is always distressing but really hits home when a particular area is someplace I have extensively¬†visited. A teeny, tiny article in today’s Chicago Tribune said that, “Tens of

The United States Restores Diplomatic Status to Myanmar/Burma

The United States of America today restored full diplomatic status to Myanmar, happy news for them; those of you who have traveled into this wonderful country filled with the sweetest, most welcoming people; and travelers with future plans to visit.

Sheila’s 7 Favorite Asian Countries

I’m forever being asked, “What’s your favorite country?” To which I reply, “Where? Europe, Asia, Africa? Pick one continent and I’d still have trouble deciding on a favorite.” There is so much to see and do anywhere you go, but

Seven Warm Winter Destinations – #2 Easy Myanmar (Burma)

Looking for a winter destination that’s sunny and warm? Think Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), one of my favorite countries. Please don’t get all huffy over the Dictatorship, Human Rights, etc. If you truly want to make a difference in

Another Incredible Myanmar Experience Was Over

Another unbelievably varied and unique Myanmar trip over, I have a few thoughts and suggestions for travel here: – In any Buddhist country, wear sandals, Tevas or flip-flops because you are constantly taking shoes on and off. – Bring calcium