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Ulan Bator, Mongolia….Journey’s End

We flew back to Ulan Bator View image over the desert. Back to U.B. for a tour of the Fine Arts Museum. The Museum has the collection of Buddhist artwork that toured the U.S. with “Legacy of Genghis Khan” exhibit.

Tugrisin Shiree and Hongoryn Els Sand Dunes, Mongolia

Tugrisin Shiree is a white escarpment that is the site of the famous “Fighting Dinosaurs.” A Polish expedition explored this area in the late 1960’s and found Protoceratops and Velociraptor locked in combat. As we walked through the rocks, I

The Gobi Desert “Flaming Cliffs” of Mongolia

The Gobi is Mongolia’s southernmost province of semi-arid desert. It lies in the heart of Asia’s remotest area, between Siberia to the north and the Tibetan Plateau to the south. The morning was spent visitng a nomadic family of herders.

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

We flew to the Gobi on MIAT, Mongolia’s national airline, from U.B. to Dalanzadgad for our 3- day stay. I was very excited about this portion, having a chance to see the “Flaming Cliffs.” The landing strip was right by

Bulgan Mountains to Tseterleg, Mongolia – End of Trek

One woman in our group managed to break an ankle. Linda is a devout horse lover, and while visiting a Ger, the mare reared up when she got too close to the foal causing her to trip backwards Fortunately, there

Trekking in The Undur Har Mountains of Mongolia

The trek began in the Undur Har Mountains which are about 7,000 feet above sea level. Horses and a supply truck supported the trek. Some of our group took turns riding horses. Mongolian horses are short, stocky and strong. “Ex-Marine”