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Sheila’s 7 Favorite Asian Countries

I’m forever being asked, “What’s your favorite country?” To which I reply, “Where? Europe, Asia, Africa? Pick one continent and I’d still have trouble deciding on a favorite.” There is so much to see and do anywhere you go, but

There’s A Bat in My Tent… A Few Tales From the Road

Stories, problems, mishaps while traveling are usually funny, rather than tragic only in hindsight. Ah yes. Here are a very few of the more laughable incidents during years and years of travel: – Hiking through the pastures of Switzerland, big,

The Luang Namtha Minority Region of Laos

The December 2008 issue of Conde Nast Traveler had an article about different cultures in remote societies that included the Luang Namtha Minority Region of Laos. Luang Namtha is home to 39 minorities, the largest number in the country and

Seven Warm Winter Destinations – #4 Easy Laos

Looking for a winter destination that’s sunny and warm? Laos is easy to arrange. Do it on your own with help from Lonely Planet, Tourism Laos or one of the many other websites. Prefer group travel? Check out Adventure Center

“Spirit of Laos” Exploration Was Over – A Few Highlights…and Lowlights

The less said about the gala New Year’s eve celebration in Tad Lao, the better. The Hotel was jammed with Thai tourists and locals…huge speakers set up around the entire outside area ready to let loose with mega-amps guaranteed to

Elephant Rides On The Way To Tad Lo, Laos

This was the last real segment of our “Spirit of Laos” trip with Explore, and it was New Year’s Eve which would be spent in Tad Lo, at the Tad Lo Resort. The area around Tad Lo (as well as