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What to see in Kushiro?

The only bit of sightseeing our All Japan tour group had time for in Kushiro was the Washo Market since it was 4:55p when we arrived. Considering the market would close in five minutes at 5:00p, we piled off the bus,

ANA Crowne Plaza Kushiro, Japan

It was now late in the afternoon and the last day on a one-week Hokkaido tour. Guide Don grabbed the bus microphone to make one last announcement, “Our driver will gratefully accept money as a thank you.” Huh? According to different experts:

Photograph Endangered Cranes, Kushiro National Park

Kushiro Shitsugen National Park was established and created in 1987 to preserve the country’s largest wetland and marsh habitat which supports the only known population of endangered “red crowned” Tancho Japanese Cranes in Japan and the Akan International Crane Center

Lake Mashu Volcanic Crater Lake and Lake Akan in Hokkaido

It snowed heavily all night and was still coming down when the group met for breakfast which, by the way, was as excellent as last night’s buffet dinner. I took a fast look at today’s itinerary that included a stop at

The Surreal Aurora Fantasy Light Show in Shiretoko, Hokkaido

By the time dinner was finished at Shiretoko Grand Hotel “Kita Kobushi,” the two of us were in a food coma, it was snowing heavily and the last thing we wanted to do was to dress warmly and walk over to

The Fabulous Shiretoko Grand Hotel “Kita Kobushi, Japan

The Shiretoko Grand Hotel “Kita Kobushi” is a large scale Japanese-style hot springs resort facing the Sea of Okhotsk (never could manage to pronounce “Okhotsk”). The three-story high lobby ceiling is designed to feel spacious and has a koi pond