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More Travel Updates from Asia

Local newspapers carry bits of information that travelers may not be aware of and could be helpful in planning future travel! But no matter how a person plans, travel (and life) boils down to being in the right place at

A Rest Day in Manado, Hindsight is 20/20 in Sulawesi

The last day in Sulawesi with time to walk around and reflect. Of course, today was gorgeous and sunny. Too bad there wasn’t another opportunity to hike up Mount Mahawu. Ah well… Walked into a bakery (move over Dunkin Donuts)…View

Japanese World War II Caves and Lake Linow/Leno, North Sulawesi

Instead of the sun coming out tomorrow, it came out after lunch. Too late to retry the hike up Mount Mahawu…visible in the distance…View image… Continued onwards with the Highland Tour. The Japanese occupied this area during World War II

Dogs for Sale in Tomohon Local Market and Lake Tondano, Sulawesi

Into the Tomohon Local Market. Difficult trying to keep upright in the mud along the outside while avoiding slimy floors inside. There were the communal taxi cabs and buses lined up in a big parking lot and buyers and sellers

The “Washed out” Mahawu Volcano Trek in North Sulawesi

A long “you win some, you lose some” day scheduled with two “soft” adventures. First, to Mount Mahawu (Ma-ha-woo) for a one-hour trek to the crater’s edge and then a Highland Tour. Freddy (Safari Tours & Travels) was ill today

The Sulawesi Tarsier Makes an Appearance — It’s About Time!

The Tarsier Spectrum (Spectral) is the smallest monkey in the world. Only 10-15 centimeters long/4-6 inches…that’s tiny! Tarsiers are nocturnal (that’s why we have to hang around until dusk) and eat insets only. Have hair like a bear, trails like