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The Traditional Oval Houses in Tumori, Nias Island

Tumori Village has completely different architecture than the other villages visited in south Nias. Instead of elongated, ship-like houses, Tumori has 10 wooden oval houses built between 50-120 years ago; other houses were demolished and/or collapsed as time went by.

Sights and Nias Island Trivia Along the Road to Gunung Sitoli

Breakfast at Baholo Resort was a large banana pancake for me, omelet for Marine Steve, coffee and we left at 9:00a promptly for a three-hour ride back to Gunung Sitoli for one night before flying back to Medan. – It

A Sea of Satellite Dishes and Laundry in Hilisimaetano Village Nias Island

I combined Hilisimaetano Village at the South end of Nias Island with Tumori Village located near Gunung Sitoli in the lengthy video below. Feel free to skim through but both villages were completely unlike in architecture. Nias Island is filled

The Interesting King or Chief’s House in Bawomataluo, Nias Island

Nias is an ancient land but according to legend life originated at the Gomo River where six gods descended and began the human race which is why the people call themselves ono niha or “children of the people.” Nias megalithic

Stone Jumping in Bawomataluo, Nias Island

It was many stone steps up from Orahili Village to Bawomataluo Village in such heat and humidity we both looked as if we had been standing in a shower. Bawomataluo is the most famous and accessible of Nias’ southern villages,

The Once Warrior Village of Orahili, Nias Island

Nias Island is part of a chain off the western coast of Sumatra, separated from mainland Sumatra by a deep trench. Few early trading ships dared to approach these islands because of its fiercely independent people. Nias became known as