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Dragon Facts While Sailing Towards Komodo Island

A torrential downpour (what else is new) all the way through the mountains from Bima to Sape Harbor that stopped shortly before Sape. Sape is a small fishing port with ferries that run to Labuan Bajo. Just a reminder: Most

Bima and The La’Mbitu Hotel, Sumbawa

Almost everyone transiting through Bima is on their way to Rinca or Komodo Islands to see the famous Komodo dragons, exactly what we were going to do. There are no public ferries to these islands. Chartered boats are the only

A Long and Grueling Ride to Bima on Sumbawa Island

A rest day at Kencana Beach Resort on a deserted beach with nothing to sit on; bathtub warm water to wade in. A day to spend napping, reading and girding loins for tomorrow’s long ride across Sumbawa to Bima. A

What to do at Kencana Beach Hotel, Sumbawa Besar?

Think…nothing or take lives in your hands. No one tells you the truth about visiting Pulau Moyo (an island) but I will, thanks to guide Nasip. Most travel information, as well as our itinerary, stated: “Discover moyo island… you’ll have spectacular

Ferry From Labuhan Lombok to Sumbawa Island

Just thinking about the marathon driver and guide were going to endure over the next two days exhausted us. They drove back to Senggigi last night, returned this morning to pick us up in Senaru; we’d drive to the Labuhan Lombok