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Searching for Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island

Rinca is the second biggest island of Komodo National Park, closer to Labuan Bajo in Flores, and the landscape is greener and hillier than that of Komodo. Labuan Bajo is the usual jumping off point for visits to both islands reached by boat

Hunting For Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island

Let it be said right from the get-go. There is never a guarantee you’ll spot a Komodo Dragon in the wild but there are usually a few hanging around the kitchens on both islands. The Park Service on Komodo Island

Dragon Facts While Sailing Towards Komodo Island

A torrential downpour (what else is new) all the way through the mountains from Bima to Sape Harbor that stopped shortly before Sape. Sape is a small fishing port with ferries that run to Labuan Bajo. Just a reminder: Most

How to get to Komodo National Park?

Think…not easy. Boat is the only option. There are no public ferries currently operating between Sumbawa and Flores that stop at either Komodo Island or Rinca Island. Rinca receives a few more visitors than Komodo because it’s nearest to the port