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From Quiet Flores Island to Frenetic Bali

A fast stop at the Maumere airport to reconfirm e-tickets with Batavia Air before a fast look at Maumere itself. We obsessed throughout the trip about the flight from Maumere to Denpasar being cancelled; a common Indonesian occurrence, and one

Making Copra Along the Road to Maumere, Flores Island

One last day in Flores began with a decent breakfast of black coffee, pancakes and dish of fruit before leaving for Maumere. Ricardos hoped to be in Maumere by noon to swing by the airport for a new e-ticket. He

The Colored Lakes of Kelimutu Volcano, Flores

The drive continued past a small village of Leo people in Detasuko where one house and a “sitting grave” was visible from the road. Way back when, people were buried in a sitting position. The driver pulled up in front of

Ebulobo Volcano and Blue Stones on The Way to Moni

Still heading east on the Island of Flores on the Trans-Flores Highway, we passed small communities harvesting rice fields. The entire village pitches in to harvest one field after another. Remote villages in this area use big, open sided trucks

Bena, Another Traditional Ngada Village

A road led from Luba Village down to Bena (pop: 300) where our driver sat waiting. Bena had 16 houses lined up on both sides of a rectangle containing a stone altar, ngadhus and bhagas worshipping houses. Signed the register, made a

Luba, A Traditional Ngada Village

Luba Village (pop: 200 people) was small, quiet and had just a few villagers sitting around. Ricardos referred to them as “Ladanese” ethnicity but even by surfing, spelling “Ladanese” differently, I couldn’t come up with any information. Ngada villages are composed of