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Premium Green Lounge at Delhi Airport, India

Another exciting tour in India may have ended at the Udaipur Airport but we were not done yet. Ahead was Flight #1 on Jet Airlines from Udaipur to Delhi International Airport, Flight #2 on Air China from Delhi to Beijing,

The Blue City of Bundi: Exquisite Paintings in Badal Mahal and Chitrasala

The Bundi school of painting lasted from the 17th-19th century and is also referred to as Rajasthani painting. Very popular in royal courts, the paintings are always done in profile and depict themes about daily life, gods and goddesses, landscapes and,

The Blue City of Bundi in Rajasthan, India

It is approximately a four-hour drive from Pushkar to the Blue City of Bundi (pop: 100,000). Why is Bundi blue? How many “answers” or theories would you like to read? One is: Because they worship Krishna in Bundi. Or: Because

The Ancient Mahanal Shiva Temple – Menal, India

Driver Vinod insisted we stop at Menal-Mahanal Shiva Temple from the Eleventh Century on the way to Bijaipur. Since it was right next to the highway, we entered into this ancient complex that was very Angkor-watty looking; not necessarily the

Inside Chittorgarh Fort: Stories of Victory and Immolation

Vijaya Stambha, or Victory tower, was built to commemorate the victory of Sultan of Malwa in 1448. Dedicated to Vishnu, it has nine levels with openings and balconies on each floor reached by two, narrow and slippery interior staircases. Slabs

Chittorgarh is The Biggest Fort in India

Chittorgarh is in South Rajasthan on the Berach River, and famous for its massive fortress, claimed to be the largest in India. The city was called Chittaur and was capital of Mewar under the Rajputs from the Seventh to Sixteenth Centuries.