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The Unique Gupteswar Shiva Cave Shrine in Orissa, India

Breakfast and into the car by 7:00 a.m. for the ride to Gupteswar Cave. Gupteswar is a famous cave shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and located at the top of a limestone hill about 500m/1,600′ above sea level…View image. A

From Chilka Lake to Puri, A Major Pilgrimage Site in Orissa, India

Chilka Lake covers an area of 900 sq. km and is Asia’s largest salt and fresh water lake. Over a million migratory birds, 230 species (that come from as far away as Siberia) visit Chilka every year. …View image. Bird-lovers,

The Fishing Village of Gopalpur on The Sea, Orissa, India

After all the Traditional Indian Wedding excitement, we walked through the shambles left by 800 people, ate breakfast and left for the ride to Gopalpur on The Sea visiting different sites in route. We could have paid another visit to

A High Class Traditional Indian Wedding in Orissa

Deepak pulled up in front of the Hotel Sai International in Raygada, brilliantly decorated, unlike our previous stay a few days ago. Huh? There was going to be a high-class traditional Indian wedding at the hotel tonight and not only

The Friday Kunduli Market and Pottery Village in Orissa, India

Breakfast and full day visit to our last market, the Friday Kunduli Market in Koroput and a scheduled stop at Kotapada Weaving Village. However, since we’d already seen one weaving village, ex-Marine and I decided to eliminate it from today’s

A Gadabba Tribal Dance in Orissa, India

Deepak stopped the car on the way to the Bonda Market where Bibhu jumped out to converse with elders of the Gadabba tribe. These men are in charge of arranging traditional Gadabba dances for the tourists and Bibhu had asked