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Through Lamayuru, Moonland and I Spy, LEH!

Lamayuru Monastery is one of those places that even blasé travelers can visit again and again exclaiming, “How incredible is that!” There are fabulous viewpoints areas built by the Government for tourists to stop, and photograph before beginning the long

An Agonizing Drive From Padum to Kargil in Ladakh

Early Morning at the Ibex Hotel. When I say early, I mean early. A 3:00a wake-up to finish packing since we had to be on the road by 4:00a for part one of the very long drive back towards Leh that will

Exquisite and Traditional Perak Headdresses at The Karsha Gustor Festival, Zanskar

Travels With Sheila’s personal highlight of the Karsha Gustor Festival came when two young women were escorted into the courtyard dressed in full Tibetan regalia; wearing the rarely-seen, very heavy, turquoise peraks. Loaded down in Turquoise, Amber, Coral, Pearl, Silver, along with

Rituals and Masked Dances at Karsha Gustor Festival in Zanskar

Gustor is traditional to the monasteries of the Geluk-pa order of Tibetan Buddhism. This two-day festival is held at Spituk, Thiksay and Karsha Monasteries, at different times each year. Gu-Stor literally means “Sacrifice of the 29th Day” which doesn’t enlighten me.

Stongdey Monastery in Zanskar

We took a pass on the Zangla Nunnery near the Zangla Palaces and proceeded directly to Stongdey Monastery. Stongdey Monastery, Ladakh is the second largest monastic institution in the Zanskar region, located right off the road about halfway back to

16th Century Zangla Royal Palace #2 in Zanskar

The hired 4×4 driver for the day drove towards Royal Palace #2 with its ruins visible on a hill. Up a “road” as far as possible before we got out and did the rest of the distance on foot. Not