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Information About Motorcycling in Exciting India

I just received a hot-off-the-press e-mail [email protected] about a motorcycle trips in one of my favorite destinations, Ladakh, India. Are you a 1 per center? A Hamster? Belong to a Motorcycle Club? Tail Gunner or just want to take a

Miscellaneous Ladakh Tourist Information for Travelers

Steve and I made the most of one last day in Leh, relaxing and walking through town. His Holiness the Dalai Lama was arriving in Leh today, July 2012; his first stop while traveling through Ladakh. Zanskar would be his next

One Night at Underwhelming Pangong Lake, Ladakh

As you know, or as Steve, the ex-Marine tells everyone, I am certifiable. Pangong Lake is a popular destination for travelers in Ladakh and I had to see why and that was the only reason we were heading here. Wikipedia refers to Pangong Lake

The Chang-la/Changla Pass and A Wedding Celebration in Ladakh

Did I realize that the ride to Pangong Lake involved traveling over Chang-la/Changla pass? The same Chang-la pass that had a big landslide a week ago? You bet your sweet life I didn’t until it finally sunk in while talking

Camping in Khardong Village: Up and Over The Khardongla Pass, Ladakh

It was time for a group consultation in Tangyar. Since guide Nubu was young, inexperienced and kept vacillating, Steve made the decision; drive back above the valley and camp at Khardong Village. A good decision even though it meant camping

Double Hump, Bactrian Camels in Nubra and Tangyar on The Shylok River

Driver Panjara returned from Leh with new itinerary changes from Lobsang, Skywalker Travel; drive to rarely visited Tangyar, visit Tangyar Monastery, camp for one night and return to Leh. Everything repacked (for the umpteenth time) into the new 4×4, we