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Shopping in Srinigar, Kashmir, India

Back on the Manora Houseboat on Dal Lake, we inhaled a beer, bathed and chatted during dinner with Charlotte and Frances, crewel carpet buyers who come to Kashmir twice a year to consult with manufacturers and stock up to sell

It Took Ingenuity to Get Back to Srinagar from Pahalgam

Another gorgeous morning with ample sunshine, no clouds and bright. Broke camp…View image… and headed downhill for 2-1/2 hours before reaching the trailhead in Pahalgram where a taxi was supposed to pick us up. We sat around and waited. Took

Slogging Through The Mud back to Aru from Lidderwat, Kashmir

Woke up to sunshine, a little too late for us in the ball game! Had eggs and chapatis for breakfast and packed up. Talked to the couple traveling with their 5-year daughter all over India. They hiked quite a distance

A Miserable Day in Lidderwat, Himalayas of Kashmir, India

Another depressing and unseasonably monsoonal day. With that, we told Sula that we give up. Let’s head all the way back to Phalgram and we’ll just find a hotel there because we’re not going to sleep out Aru on wet

Trekking from Aru to Lidderwat, Kashmir, India

It rained all night and was still raining when we woke up. Cook made breakfast and Sula decided to wait until 10:00 a.m. to see if the rain would stop. Out of luck on that, the crew broke camp…View image…and

Trekking From Pahalgram to Aru in The Kashmir Valley of India

We set out for Aru, only a 9km/6mile walk. The day was cool and raining off and on but not terribly uncomfortable. It was not supposed to rain. India has very definite monsoonal flows and October is supposed to be