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A Himachal Pradesh Tour Operator in India

While we’re on the subject of India, I just received an interesting e-mail from The Tour Planners. Travels With Sheila is always going on and on about how reasonable India can be and this offering sounded pretty good to me.

An Ayrvedic Massage in Shimla, India

It would be ridiculous not to actually try an Ayrvedic Massage in India. Ordinarily, I am to “cheap” to spend money on massages but now was the time to try something new and different. Throughout the past three weeks of

What to See in Shimla, India

Shimla, at about 7,100′, is perhaps the most famous “hill station” in the Himachal. What is a hill station? In the 18th century, Britain ruled India, the “Jewel in its crown.” During the extremely hot and dusty summers, the British

The Luxurious Oberoi Cecil Hotel in Shimla, India

It bears repeating that if you plan a trip to India, a drive of 90kms (approximately 50 miles) on your itinerary will usually mean four to five hours. Averaging 18 mph is good! Remember, landslides, “s” curves and animals. Getting

The Interesting Kinnear Valley with Rampur, Narkanda and Shimla in India

The Kinnear Valley was completely green and a shock after Spiti’s desert. But once we admired the valleys, mountains and waterfalls, and watched the goats…View image…it grew a little stale. We were on our way to the Hotel Bushahr Regency

Nako, Rekong Peo and Rampur in The Kinnear Valley of India

While getting our permits checked, another vehicle filled with young Israeli girls was parked next to us having their permits checked. They were on the way from Tabo to see this “special lake” at Nako and then driving back to