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Searching for Tigers in Kanha, India

Again, the daily routine went something like this. Get up very early, go for a game drives through the park trying to spot a tiger on your own… .have some hot coffee while waiting for the rangers to call in

Kanha National Park, A Tiger Reserve – India

Kanha National Park is the area that Kipling wrote about in his Jungle Books. The park covers dense forest, open meadows, plateaus – the habitat tigers prefer. It also supports a wide variety of deer and other animals, perfect for

Gond and Baiga People, Chattisgarh/Chhatisgarh – India

The Gond are the major tribal group of Central India. At one time forest-dwellers, they are presently settled farmers. Their clan structure and language is different from other tribes…they marry both within and outside of their tribes…practice monogomy, polygamy, cross-cousin

The Palace Kawardha, Chattisgarh/Chhatisgarh – India

It was a four-hour drive to Palace Kawardha and we met John Ash, of Green Gondwana Adventures, in Raipur for a wonderful lunch of Chinese food. We were very impressed that John took the time to see how the trip

The Muria Village of Terdul, Chattisgarh/Chhatisgarh – India

Each Muria village had a different attire – feathers, flowers…an amazing amount of creativity seemed to go into their wearing apparel. The women had facial tattoos, displayed with pride. The tattoos serve a decorative value but also act as protective

More Murias and Markets, Chattisgarh/Chhatisgarh – India

In the village of Garh Bengal, Santu, his brother, Kande and their families hosted us to give an interesting glimpse of developments in the region. Santu has led a traditional Muria life with a Gotul upbringing, while his younger brother,