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Browse Very Interesting Food Street in Hangzhou, China

What else to do in Hangzhou? There were so many other sights in Hangzhou that we never got to. A hike up the bamboo-lined path at Yunqi, the Baopu Taoist Temple, the Chenhuang (Town God) Pavilion, Leifeng Pagoda built in

Touring Around Hangzhou, China: Lingyin Temple, Dragon Well Tea and The Medicine King

Not a great day for sightseeing (dreary and raining) but what can one do. Mao Mao picked us up early for a hectic day with much to see. First up was Soul Retreat Temple (Lingyin Temple)…View image…, built in 326

Walking Around West Lake (Xi Hu), Hangzhou, China

Another free and sunny day. Perfect for exploring the lake area of Hangzhou. There are 36 lakes in China called Xi Hu but this one is the most famous and the symbol of Hangzhou. It was originally a lagoon but

Lively Hefang Street in Hangzhou, China

Not only is Hangzhou (pronounced “Han-Joe”) extremely popular with both Chinese tourists and Westerners but it is also the country’s most famous tourist attraction (along with Guilin) for the Chinese. Less than 2 hours by bullet train from Shanghai, a

China’s Traffic, The Yellow River and Henan Museum, China

Some more cautionary information on the traffic situation in China: – You do not have the right away in the Chinese driver’s way of thinking. They don’t care if the light is green…View image…or red…View image…, they’ll run you down;

Dengfeng Food and Zhengzhou in Yellow River Area, China

Dengfeng is a quiet town at the foot of Taishi Shan. Only night here at the Shaolin International Hotel before driving to Zhengzhou for the last trip in Henan Province. Chao, Andy, ex-Marine and I walked a few blocks away