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Best of The Best Markets in the World: Shanghai

Some of my most popular videos on YouTube are taken in fabulous flea markets around the world. Below is one taken while walking around Dong Tai Lu in Shanghai. Visit Dongtai Lu for fake “antiques,” fun collectibles and then make your way down

The Bullet Train From Shanghai to Nanjing, China

Your train tickets will have the train number, compartment and seat numbers on them. Everything but those numbers will be in Chinese. Once in the proper waiting area in a Chinese train station, there is nothing to do but wait

How to Take Trains In and Out of Shanghai, China

The first and most important fact about training in and out of Shanghai is there are two train stations. The main one is called Shanghai Train Station and the other, Shanghai South Train Station. I can’t stress how important it

Communist Literature and Other Sights on Duolun Road, Shanghai

The Duolun area is called the “Town of Modern Literature” because many Chinese literature masters lived or stayed here. Their names didn’t ring a bell for me but perhaps you have heard of them. Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruuo,

Have you heard of Duolun Road and Market in Shanghai?

I am forever picking up brochures from Information offices, in airports and hotel lobbies. One of these told about Duolun Road, called the “Town of Modern Literature” in Chinese cultural history and one of the 10 leisure streets for tourists

Yuyuan Garden Food and Food Courts, Shanghai

Let’s talk food, one of my favorite subjects. Inside Yuyuan Garden can be found all the big chains. McDonald’s, Haagen Daz, Dairy Queen, KFC, Starbucks and probably a few more that have slipped my mind. Not in the mood for