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Sopo Watchtower Village, China

I looked out of our 7th floor Old Castle Hotel window this morning and a maid was out on a room balcony washing the floor. When finished, she picked up the bucket of water, looked carefully below to make sure

Rabbit for Lunch? Danba’s Gyarong Market in The Kham Area of China

Lunch today in Danba involved a hysterical conversation between Mr. Wang and order taker, “Foo-yen” (the word for “Staff”), over what this little restaurant offered. Their specialities were heavy on rabbit, yak’s liver, tripe and other assorted delicicies that “me

Jiaju (Gyarong) Typical Tibetan Village Outside of Danba, China

Heavy rains last night caused landslides and kept us from visiting the Gyarong village, Chongio and Suopo…View image, originally scheduled on the itinerary and too dangerous to attempt. The only option would have been a very muddy two-hour walk in

Ethnic Danba Village in The Kham Region of China

Danba (pop: 30,000) is a small county in the mountain valley of the Kham Sichuan and the landscape varies from high-altitude snow-capped mountains to low-altitude grasslands. The population is primarily ethnic Gyarongs/Jiarong (“Jah-row”) Tibetans that wear completely different clothing from

Ganze/Ganzi/Kandze to Danba in the Kham Region of China

The different Chinese names for each town drove me crazy. I began to keep the itinerary with me at all times in the Land Cruiser. Today’s destination was Danba, also spelled “Temba” and then Dondup would pronounce the name of

From Derge (Dege) to The Important Monastery City of Ganzi, China

Lunch today was interesting. There was a spicy beef with hot stones (be aware and don’t bite into the stones…you’ll break a tooth) in it to keep it hot and a vegetable dish with what appeared to be “Rice Krispie