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The Massive and Magnificent Harbin, China Ice Festival

Superlatives don’t begin to describe the Harbin Ice Festival created by sculptors who use ice picks, chisels and lasers for weeks to build massive structures made from ice blocks that also are illuminated by embedded LED lights! The Harbin Ice

Jile Buddhist Temple in Harbin, China

Jile Buddhist Temple is located at the end of East Dazhi Street of Harbin’s Nangang District. Built in the 1920s, it is the biggest modern Buddhist temple in Heilongjiang Province and one of the famous Four Buddhist Temples in the

The Japanese War Crimes Museum in Harbin, China

Unit 731 War Crimes Museum was the site of a covert biological and chemical warfare research unit of the Japanese Army that performed lethal experimentation on humans between 1937-1945. This site and what happened here is little known in the Western

Yummy Food in Harbin, China

Three meals a day were included in the Harbin tour and we ate like champs; what else is new! Large buffet breakfasts at the Holiday Inn Hotel each morning and then driver/Manager Mr. Chen would take us “somewhere” for lunch

Harbin Ice Carving Inside and Outside Zaolin Park

Try to arrive at Zaolin Park before sunset to watch the illumination in different colored lights that change by the minute outside the tent with competition winners inside. It is some sight… Each year as part of the Annual Harbin

Sun Island Snow Sculpture Park in Harbin, China

Harbin snow festival is separate from the ice festival but both take place at Sun Island Park, north of the Songhua River. Sun Island covers an area of 9,390 acres, has more than 20 scenic spots and is divided into