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Boating on The Li River from Xingping, China

After “lunch” in the fishing village (the least said about that the better), we walked down to the shore where a motorized bamboo raft waited for a ride on the Li River; 30 minutes upstream and then 30 minutes back

Bustling Xingping Old Town in China

Xingping is another one of China’s very ancient towns with a history dating back 1,300 years, and was once the largest town along the Li River. Because Xingping is within easy distance from either Guilin (63 kilometers/39 miles) or Yangshuo

The Tulou Hakka Village of Huang Dong Bay, China

On the drive back to Guilin from “somewhere,” guide Mark mentioned that Hakka people lived in this area and I asked, “Are there any tulou?” To which he replied, “Yes.” “Okay, then, let’s drive and see what it looks like.”

Unusual Sights in Hungyao/Hung Yao Ancient Town, China

Hungyao Village was settled by two families, Huang and Yao; ergo the name Hungyao Village. It has a present day population of 3,100 people and 400 families. Our poor local guide kept trying to impart in depth and historical information

Information About Hung Yao/Hungyao Ancient Town, China

It was an over two-hour, 200 kilometer/125 mile ride from Guilin to Hung Yao Old Town, built more than 900 years ago. Situated northeast of Zhaoping in the lower reaches of Li River and surrounded by mountains, Huang Yao is

Unusual Food in Yangshuo’s Farmers Market, China

The title above refers to “unusual food” for westerners, and not Chinese or Asian people. Most westerners are taken into the local Yangshuo Farmers Market as part of their tour. Located directly across the street from New Century Hotel, the market