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Everything You Need to Know About Shopping in Shenzhen, China

One of my readers grew up in Shenzhen and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien, and Hakka. He submitted the information below about shopping in Shenzhen’s Lowu Commercial City and I thought you would be interested since I agree with his pricing

Flying From Shenzhen to Beijing

Ten airport shuttle lines run between Shenzhen International Airport (SZX) and the downtown area. It would be at least a 40 minute drive from The Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Luohu to the airport, 38 kilometers/23 miles away, and we decided

Shop ‘Til You Drop in Shenzhen at LLC Mall

I’ve shopped through China until feet wouldn’t move another step and thought we’d seen it all until Lowu Commercial City shopping mall in Shenzhen. Abbreviated to LCC by those in the know, this is the biggest discount, fake, “knock-off” shopping center

Review of Shenzhen Luohu Holiday Inn Express, China

I selected the Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Luohu for its rock bottom prices (around $60 US a night including breakfast) and because this hotel chain is always good value for the money. It didn’t hurt that the hotel was only 3.5 kilometers/2 miles

Information About Taking Trains from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, China

High Speed trains depart from Guangzhou to Shenzhen every 10 minutes from 06:00a to 10:50p for a one hour ride and have reserved seats. Even if a person doesn’t speak Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese (Guangzhou was once called “Canton”), China

Five Houses for Five Sons in the Gorgeous Li Gardens, Kaiping

Visitors enter the huge and magnificent Li Gardens through a new state-of-the-art Visitor’s Center that we had no time to do justice. Tourists could spend hours in here; reading about the diaolou, watching short movies about them, and looking at