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Reflections on Touring The Eastern Tibetan Plateau in China

What an engrossing trip. We discovered the Eastern Tibetan Plateau wasn’t as untraveled as you may be led to believe. Chinese Nationals are the primary tourists right now but every year more Westerners discover this huge area with its variety

The Endangered Red Pandas of China

A Red Panda resembles a raccoon! Both the Giant Panda and Red Pandas share characteristics of both bears and raccoons but are only distantly related. Other Red Panda facts? – The Red Panda is native to Nepal’s Himalayas, Southern China,

The Ever Popular Giant Panda Breeding Institute In Chengdu, China

What would a trip to the Chengdu area be without a visit to the Giant Panda Breeding Institute to see those adorable Pandas? Suggestion: Go early in the morning because after snarfing down piles of bamboo, the Pandas go into

Mao Xian (Maoxian) Into Chengdu, home of Pandas in China

It is a omplete surprise that we haven’t seen any dead bodies, animals or auto accidents anywhere on this trip. The highways (with the exception of tollways around Xining) are two-lanes filled with cars, trucks, people walking on the road,

Songpan: From Huanglong Into Mao Xian (Maoxian) County, China

It would be two hours by road before reaching Mu Ni Gou, located in Song Pan County. Songpan is east of the vast Aba Autonomous Prefecture which sprawls over the Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai borders. This area is the domain

Walking Down Huanglong Scenic Reserve, China

The Huanglong Reserve covers over a 1,000 square km/600 miles of rough terrain at an average altitude of 3,000m/9,800′. This valley was carved out by a glacier and the limestone-rich waters flowing down the valley have left yellow calcified deposits