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A Mish-Mosh of Southeast China Trivia

– Minorities can have two children. Countryside Chinese are allowed to have two children if your first child is a girl. They must wait four years and then pay around 50,000 yuan for permission to have a second child. –

Food in Southeast China – What We Ate and What We Didn’t Eat

Travels With Sheila definitely travels on her stomach. L-O-V-E food and am only picky about a few items in China. Rats, insects, innards, snakes, bats, monkeys, fish with the most gigantic bones I’ve ever seen…there are probably a few more

Back in Zhangjiajie for One, Last Afternoon in China

We began the drive back from Dehang Village through the same landscapes before turning in a different direction and entering Jishou City, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Xiangxi is northwest of Hunan Province, neighbors Zhangjiajie to the east. Huaihua

How The Dehang Miao Really Live in China

The Miao ethnic minority is larger than most of minority groups in China but they all primarily live in cold, wet and mountainous regions. There is a Miao proverb that states… Fish swim in water, birds fly in the air,

Inside Dehang Miao Village, China

There is a large contingent of Miao ethnic minority people settled in this particular Western Hunan region with more living in the provinces of Guizhou, Yunnan, and Sichuan. Other members of the Miao sub-groups, most notably Hmong people, can be

The Ride to Dehang Miao Village Outside of Fenghuang, China

This was the last day in Southeast China and began after breakfast with a ride to visit Dehang on another misty and grey day. Dehang is a Miao Village tucked into a river valley. After that, we’d begin the ride