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Farewell, Caucasus

There were so many other places we visited in Armenia but before that, one last surprise from MIR, cocktails in the first floor Art Gallery of the Parajanov Museum. Sergei Parajanov Museum was founded by the Government of Armenia in

We Came, We Saw, We’re Almost Done in Armenia

Echmladzin is the center of the Armenian Church. The holiest place for the Armenian Apostoli Orthodox faith. The Cathedral was built in 480 and located in a walled compound with gardens and other structures. The highlight of our trip there

A Day Spent in Yerevan, Armenia

There was still a lot to see in Yerevan before the trip ended. First up was the Matenadoran, one of Armenia’s most historic museums, filled with thousands of manuscripts, fragments of books, ancients records and documents in Georgian, Greek, Arabic,

Haghbat and Haghartsin Monasteries, Armenia

We stopped to visit Haghbat, a World Heritage site, built in the 10-13th centuries. Haghbat is a complex of cathedrals and basilicas on a plateau. … View image… This was one of the prettier sites. Honestly, I was getting a

The Road to Yerevan, Armenia

We left for the border crossing at the Georgian/Armenian frontier. Customs and a transfer to an Armenian bus (along with new Armenian guide) for the remainder of the trip. Armenia is an unusual country. The only reason Armenia isn’t as

A Day in Tbilisi, Georgia

As far as the various big cities visited in the Caucasus, Tbilisi was my favorite. They have a great “antique” flea market on weekends. Tons of military medals including some very rare ones (one of our group was a collector),