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The United States Restores Diplomatic Status to Myanmar/Burma

The United States of America today restored full diplomatic status to Myanmar, happy news for them; those of you who have traveled into this wonderful country filled with the sweetest, most welcoming people; and travelers with future plans to visit.

Training from Mandalay to Rangoon: Are We There Yet? Burma (Now Myanmar)

More sights to see through the open windows – a man plowing the fields with his oxen…View image, more people selling food and water in big jugs always balanced perfectly on their heads…View image….it seemed as if the train stopped

“Daylight Express” Train from Mandalay to Rangoon, Burma (Now Myanmar)

Up, ready, packed, and “ex-Marine” wore a new pair of beige trousers in honor of this “Upper Class” journey. It was pitch black, inside and outside, at the train station with people sleeping on the platform floor. The train pulled

Mandalay Hill and Sagaing, Burma (Now Mandalay)

The City of Mandalay lies almost at the foot of the hill that gave the City its name. It is approximately 800′ high with several temples, the famous temple lions …View image… and an impressive standing Buddha are located. …View

On The Road to Mandalay, Burma (Now Myanmar)

Another early morning, this time at the Pagan Airport and, would you believe it, the shattered toilet pieces were still scattered all over the floor? Just amazing! A half-hour flight, group hummed a few bars of “On The Road to

The Temples of Pagan, Burma (Now Myanmar)

Pagan is usually everyone’s number one reason for visiting Burma. It certainly lived up to our expectations and was an immensely visual delight. …View image… Each temple had distinct features that surrounding ones did not have. …View image… They were