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The Challenging Inca Trail in Peru Requires Stamina

ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and I were fortunate enough to hike the Inca Trail years ago. Before the Peruvian Government put trail restrictions in place to control the hordes of hikers that were beginning to degrade the trail and turn the

Cuzco, Peru and Fabulous Corpus Christi Festivities

How lucky could we possibly have been to witness this gigantic celebration! Corpus Christi, in Cuzco, is an annual Catholic celebration mixed with Inca cultural lore. One of those moments that would have been impossible to plan for. The main

Touring The Ruins of Machu Picchu and Back to Cuzco, Peru

In the early morning, there was just us amongst the ruins. Mystical, floating in the clouds and fog. Intricate, with mazes of homes that led into temples….all built up on terraces. Within the Temple of the Sun was a rock

The Inca Trail Ends in Machu Picchu, Peru

Day Five/Leaving Camp Three – Final day, sunny (at last), and time for the last big push to Machu Picchu. Ex-Marine was extremely excited – over the thought of seeing the incredible Machu Picchu? No, he only had one more

Another Day On The Inca Trail, Peru Spent Getting “Pissed” on Brandy

Day Three/ Still Camp Two – The rain refused to let up so fearless leader decided to stay put at the Runkurakay ruin. The good part was: – We had a great cook… and – This was the first trek

Cuzco, Peru and Then…Inca Trail Trek Time!

Our small hotel in Cuzco (can’t remember the name) was within walking distance of the Cathedral on the main square, La Plaza de Armas. It was well situated, and the various restuarants in Cuzco were pretty darn good. Peru is