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Adios Chile: Santiago Airport, Lounge and Copa Airlines

TIP: Persist if trying to score an airline upgrade and use Skype for 1-800 or 1-877 toll-free calls when out of the country. We called United Airlines daily on Skype to see if Copa Airlines made an upgrade available until

Holiday Inn Hotel at Santiago Airport, Chile

Hotel O’tai in Hanga Roa was gracious enough to extend a late checkout since the LAN flight from Easter Island to Santiago was delayed for two hours. Once again in Economy Class, LAN left at 3:50p Easter Island time and

Tour Easter Island: The Crater Lake of Rano Raraku Quarry

After almost filling a memory card with hundreds of moai photos, we walked back down the trail and up another one to the crater lake itself (not all visitors have time to do this). It is a very, very, hot

Tour Easter Island: The Astonishing & Massive Quarry of Rano Raraku

How to choose which of the 115 photographs taken at unbelievable Rano Raraku to include in this article? Arghh… And even so, Rano Raraku is just one of those places that a person has to see in person to get the full

Tour Easter Island: The Tattoos of Ahu Ature Hiki on Anakena Beach

Ahu Ature Hiki on Anakena Beach is thought to be the landing area of the first Polynesians. A line up of seven moai, four have Pukao on (topknots) and most others are only fragments of their former size. A piece

Tour Easter Island: Petroglyphs of Papa Vaka and Ahu Te Pito Kura

Still on the Southeast circuit, the tour continued to Papa Vaka where the largest remaining petroglyphs on Easter Island are slowly eroding. It was difficult to film, or pick them out in a blinding sun. Try to visit early in