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Disembarking The NCL Norwegian Star Cruise in Los Angeles

Time to get ready for disembarkation. Passengers were told to come to the Atrium, settle up accounts (if you used a credit card to guarantee, no worries), fill out U.S. Customs Forms and decide what you wanted to do about

The Last Days At Sea on The NCL Norwegian Star Cruise

The second to the last day at sea was sunny and warm. Time for all 2,000+ passengers to sun on deck, play basketball, take a tour of the ship (bridge and galley), play Bingo, hit some golf balls into the

Cruising is All About The Food…Right?

Volumes have been written about cruising and food. My yummy rating on the Norwegian Star was *****. That’s right. Five stars and this is from a person who will choose not to eat when faced with something disgusting or inedible.

New Year’s Eve on The NCL Norwegian Star Cruise

It was Adios, Mexico. Adios to the buckets of cervezas on the beach, henna tattoos, parasailing, digging in the sand, playing in the waves, buying and watching the vendors. Adios to the ports of Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto

Have You Ever Parasailed? Give it a try in Mexico…

Parasailing is great fun and is available almost anywhere there is a beach with enterprising boatmen. A person is towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute (also known as a parasail). I first went airborne in Acapulco, 1961

The Playas (Beaches) of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Before disembarking with family, ex-Marine and I took a walk over to the closest beach, Playa del Oro, a 15-minute walk from the pier. The beach was perfectly adequate but not exactly what our picky family would love since it