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Harrah’s Buffet and Marriott Time-share in Las Vegas

It was back to Harrah’s for their buffet to use our 2-for-1 coupon. Since Las Vegas is two hours behind Chicago time-wise, a 3:30pm buffet was equivalent to our semi-normal 5:30pm dinner time. This is definitely the best deal, going

Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian and Bellagio

Part of the fun was walking into every deluxe hotel (and some not so deluxe) on the Strip and eyeing the buffets, Christmas decorations and people. I’ve heard the catchphrase…”what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”…but we primarily saw families

Las Vegas Time-shares and The Monte Carlo Buffet

A person could subsidize their Las Vegas stay just by visiting Time-shares (and probably, some do). It was impossible to walk through any Hotel, on or off the Strip, without someone offering shows, meals and cash for spending 1-2 hours

Surprisingly Tasty Buffets in Las Vegas

Tip #2: Everyone in Las Vegas walks around in blue jeans. It isn’t necessary to bring lots of clothes unless you want to get dressed up. We headed to the Rio Hotel for their Carnival Buffet given raves by all

Arriving In Las Vegas

I am the first person to shoot off nasty e-mails to United complaining about their service, planes and personnel but TED was a unexpected pleasure. Pleasant flight attendants and a good flight. It was very cold in Las Vegas when

Enjoying Las Vegas On Very Little Money

When our adult children visit Las Vegas, they stay at Bellago, The Venetian, Caesars Palace spending up to and over $200 a night. They also eat at Spago, see multiple shows and gamble. ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and I visit Las